Our product is specifically designed to clean clogged diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters and bilumum filters in diesel vehicles via hot medicine.

It consists of two stages, hot and cold. With a resistance of 4500 watts, enough medicine is added to the water, which is raised to 85 degrees Celsius in 20 minutes in the liquid chamber. The hot medicine absorbed by a motor is passed through the pipes and through the particulate filter and at the same time, the particle filter is multiplied by the water flow rate. Medicated water released from the particulate filter, passes through the filter and reaches the liquid chamber. This process continues until the cleaning is finished.

After the cleaning process is finished, in order to rinse it, the water connected to the machine from the city network passes through the same roads and discharges into the cold water reservoir and it is ejected from the drain part of the chamber to the outside of the machine. In continuation of this process, for drying of micropores contained within the particle filter, drying process with a compressor takes place on the machine.

Particle filter holder located at the top of the machine, it is made with a pneumatic system, it is designed to fully grasp the particulate filter with the help of a foot pedal.

Our product is guaranteed for 1 year.

Our DPF particle cleaning machine with open cabin(DPFMAC LINE2100) is ompatible with all brand and model vehicles.

Width 90 cm
Depth 75 cm
Height 65 cm
Installed Height Of The Machine 200 cm
Weight 110 kg
Operating Voltage 220 V
Engine Power 1.5 Hp

Technicial Specifications
* Complete Stainless Interior Fasteners
* Stainless 14 Lt. Water Reservoir
* 4800 Watt Redundant Heat Resistance
* Easy Operation Pneumatic Particle Filter Holder
* Right, Left and Up, Moving Down
* Adjustable Air Intake With Conditioning
* Pneumatic Mechanical Protection Cage